Konvergenz Live 2019

by Konvergenz

Released 2019
Released 2019
Live recordings from a new group (formed Summer 2019) arising in western Massachusetts - Konvergenz creates spontaneous music for dancers and all beings.
Konvergenz is a delightfully fresh cosmic explosion of different life perspectives being integrated into one unified whole. The purpose: Raise The Vibration and Make The People Dance through spontaneously created ecstatic music. With an ever shifting cast of musicians, Konvergenz morphs through improvised electroacoustic soundscapes that are haunting, insightful, alluring, and catalytic, drawing the listener into a frenzied trance of collective inspiration.

Marie Eyeball – Etheric Vocals
Nash Atkins – Guitar, Synth, Vocals, Percussion
Gabe Salomon –Synth/Keys/Guitar/Drum
Charlotte Malin – Viola
Glenn Smith – Drum Kit, Djembe, Vocals
Thomas Matherly - Bass
Jed Blume - tabla, percussion, electronic percussion