Callin' In The Ancestors

24:33 Download
Hallowed Ensemble - Glenn Smith, Lisa Bouchie, John Sprague, Su Eaton, Hilary Lake, Rowan St. John, Chris Sturk, Rick Hahn
Hallowed Ensemble


An improvised ensemble jam for the ancestors at the All Hallow's Eve gathering presented by Unifier Festival and Pollinate.  

This is a compilation of 3 segments from our 50+ minute jam.  Matt started a bass line, and we were off for the next 50 minutes non-stop.  

Glenn Smith ( - drum kit, vocals
Matt Swift ( - bass
Hilary Lake ( - vocals, violin
Chris Sturk ( - electric guitar
Rowan St. John ( - acoustic guitar
John Sprague ( flute, vocals, piano, percussion
Lisa Bouchie - djun djun
Su Eaton ( vocals
Rick Hahn - violin