Campfire Choir CD

We gather round the fire and sing to our heart's content. Simple songs that many are hearing for the first time as they join in. Some of these are songs I have written, a few are improvisations I led. I find that the campfire is the ideal setting - immersed in nature, with the sounds of critters joining in. Dropping into the communal ecstasy of joining voices. Many of these were recorded in Costa Rica at Cantando La Vida (Singing Alive), a gathering centered around song-sharing. These gatherings ( and other similar gatherings are great places to dive in deep, but the simple backyard fire with friends will certainly do the job, and that is where the other songs were recorded - with friends in Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo, CA and at Earthdance and Sirius communities in western Massachusetts. And I include two songs that are not around a fire, but capture the same communal spirit of creative vocal expression. Enjoy and then host your own campfire!

Sleepytime Serenades
lullabies for all ages

lullabies for all ages :)  sweet sublime sounds to lull babies and beyond ... 

"I've been playing Glenn's lullaby cd for my son who's now almost 4 since he was a baby. It's our nightly ritual delight to many times both of us falling to sleep to a lulling multilayered kaleidoscope of looped and mixed vocals and a myriad of other blended sounds. We love this cd and can't imagine a night without it!" – Adora LaRoche, Williamsburg, MA 


Constellating Novas

Keys of the piano and vibration of the voice coming together to form constellations.  These are mostly "instant songs," composed in the moment.  They occupy a special place for me.  

Burning Alive

Songs and sounds in a new land - live and live-looped instant creations which speak to moving into a bigger self and burning off the old.  

Fly CD

A pulsing prayer which takes flight on looped and bowed guitar with melodic vocal soaring, this song cycle takes you across many landscapes and into the ethers.



Voices CD

A sublime journey into the depths of sound, using only voice.  The human voice is the only instrument that is inside of us. Making this all-vocal CD has re-inspired me to reach within for healing, using voice to make the inner audible. May we all sing our way to a more reverent world.

Video using the song "touching" from Voices CD

Winter Warming CD

Recorded in the depths of a rainy winter, these songs venture into the quiet, misty fog.  Guitar and vocals.  My first CD using looping, all recorded in real time.  

Meditative journeys that look within.

Recorded 2003 in Arcata, CA


Piano CD

"This instrumental piano disc swept me up from the first listen with pretty melodies that made me want to close my eyes and let myself be transported by the music.. . Smith's Piano isn't exactly light, but none of the 16 tracks weigh heavy on a listener either, or fade into the background, or dull the senses with repetition - as instrumental tracks sometimes can. . . Lots of talent, there, both in his fingers and, I suspect, in his mind and heart as well." - Jennifer Savage, Arcata Eye  

After years of wanting to do a piano album, I poured out this wave of music over a 5-day period in 2002. My motivation was to record a bunch of possible pieces for a solo dance performance that i was doing, and then to choose one for the performance (I chose the first track, "flow"). The CD is all over the place in terms of mood and style, reflecting just about everything that had been building over my 16 years of playing. The tracks are all improvised, though with some I had briefly worked out a loose structure


April Showers CD

Guitar & Voice based looped pieces to greet the spring

May Flowers CD

Piano - based looped and layered pieces to greet the spring

Journeys / Time CD
2-CD set

Some of my more complex pieces, looped and layered using guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, voice, drum, and cello (by Les Shiaman).  

Night CD

A voyage into the heart of the darkness.  

Still CD

Meditative piano pieces, recorded live while playing for a healing arts clinic in Santa Cruz, CA.

Calling the Choir CD

Songs for group singin' - mostly acapella, with simple lyrics to rouse the rabble.  

Voices 4 CD

The softer side of acapella, dreamy looped voice journeys.

Voices 5 CD

all voice, looped and layered in real time.
this is the funkiest of my voice CD's so far. 
horns a hootin and baka lullaby were directly inspired by the forest people of west africa - the baka and other tribes

Heart Melts Mask CD

"Lyrical and peaceful" "I find Glenn's original music quite lyrical and peaceful. It's really lovely for my yoga practice. There's a nice meditative quality that's still interesting, though perfect for a background ambiance." - Robyn Smith, yoga teacher.

Piano for meditation, yoga, massage, breathing, and opening the heart.

2 songs total, 63 minutes

Chi CD

Meditative piano pieces, originally recorded for use with a PBS show on Qi Gong.  Alas, the music was not used but you can still here it!

Dances & Trances CD

Since I played drums before anything else, I have always applied my rhythmic skills to music, but this is my first CD focused on the groove above all else. Delving into my love of ecstatic jazz, funk, soul, and a my re-enchantment with a variety of African music, I have laid down some grooves for the dance.  Drums, keyboard, guitar, saz, bass, piano, voice.

Songs for Souls CD

My first "songwriting" CD - featuring some songs that had been brewing for years.  Guitar, piano, and singin'