Campfire Choir CD

We gather round the fire and sing to our heart's content. Simple songs that many are hearing for the first time as they join in. Some of these are songs I have written, a few are improvisations I led. I find that the campfire is the ideal setting - immersed in nature, with the sounds of critters joining in. Dropping into the communal ecstasy of joining voices. Many of these were recorded in Costa Rica at Cantando La Vida (Singing Alive), a gathering centered around song-sharing. These gatherings ( and other similar gatherings are great places to dive in deep, but the simple backyard fire with friends will certainly do the job, and that is where the other songs were recorded - with friends in Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo, CA and at Earthdance and Sirius communities in western Massachusetts. And I include two songs that are not around a fire, but capture the same communal spirit of creative vocal expression. Enjoy and then host your own campfire!