Piano CD

"This instrumental piano disc swept me up from the first listen with pretty melodies that made me want to close my eyes and let myself be transported by the music.. . Smith's Piano isn't exactly light, but none of the 16 tracks weigh heavy on a listener either, or fade into the background, or dull the senses with repetition - as instrumental tracks sometimes can. . . Lots of talent, there, both in his fingers and, I suspect, in his mind and heart as well." - Jennifer Savage, Arcata Eye  

After years of wanting to do a piano album, I poured out this wave of music over a 5-day period in 2002. My motivation was to record a bunch of possible pieces for a solo dance performance that i was doing, and then to choose one for the performance (I chose the first track, "flow"). The CD is all over the place in terms of mood and style, reflecting just about everything that had been building over my 16 years of playing. The tracks are all improvised, though with some I had briefly worked out a loose structure