1. We Choose

From the recording Occupy This Land

WE CHOOSE (by Glenn Smith 2009)
I wanna give up but i don’t know how
Seems I might just keep movin’ along
The world looks worse when i’m goin’ down
And I don’t know how i keep travellin’ on

Concrete and desperation / Asphalt and resignation
The very borders of this nation offend / Our humanity
Is there no victory / Over this mentality?

We are wild things caught in this silly world
That refuses to believe
In the holiness in the sacredness in the breath of a tree
In the consecration the rapture and elation
Of the grass growin’ green
You know what I mean
The people with the money think it’s funny
When we say amen
To the hummingbird, to the owl and eagle, to the little vole in hole
To the black bird and the rabbit and the bear
And the sage and the thistle and the old oak tree

This dream is all our dream
It is the dream of life
Life that longs to be heard
Amidst the buzz and the hum
Life that keeps on trying
Even though it looks like we’re dying
Life that longs for the good ole’ days
When death came in a reverent way
Not at the barrel of a gun, or the bombs rainin’ down
Or drowning in a toxic stew
Not in the crash of a car, or the bottle at the bar
This is not a good day to die, not a good way to die

This dream is just being born
From these dark pages it is torn
So hopeless though we may be
There is no other way that i can see
Than to dance and sing and celebrate
To swim with the dolphins before it’s too late
To get down with the fungus weaving the web
To sway with the grass on a sunny day

We choose to use our bodies and our minds
To go on living and to dream this dream
A love supreme

The wheel keeps turning round and round
Every moment it begins / Begin, begin, begin, now!