1980-89 Soundseeds Music Picks

GLENN’S FAVORITE ALBUMS (1980-89). Favorite album by each artist listed first, albums that are in close running listed after. Various Artist albums only included if they are composed of material not released elsewhere. If an album was recorded in the 70’s but released in the 80’s, generally not included. All artists from the US unless noted after release year

1. PRINCE (*& THE REVOLUTION) - Sign o’ the Times (1987) / Purple Rain* (1984) / 1999 (1982) / Around The World In A Day* (1985) / Parade* (1986) / Lovesexy (1988) / The Black Album (1987)

2. TALKING HEADS - Remain In Light (1980)

3. FUGAZI - Fugazi (1988) / Margin Walker (1989)

4. THE POLICE - Ghost In The Machine (1981) / Zenyatta Mondatta (1980) UK

5. XTC - English Settlement (1982) / Black Sea (1980) / Mummer (1983) / The Big Express (1984) UK

6. THE CLASH - Sandinista (1980) / Combat Rock (1982) UK

7. MINUTEMEN - Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat (1983) / Double Nickels On The Dime (1984)

8. KATE BUSH - Hounds of Love (1985) / The Dreaming (1982) / The Sensual World (1989) UK

9. ARVO PART - Tabula Rasa (1984) ESTONIA - as performed by Staatsorchester Stuttgart / Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra / The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / Dennis Russell Davies / Saulius Sondeckis / Gidon Kremer / Keith Jarrett / Tatjana Grindenko / Alfred Schnittke

10. ITURI PYGMIES - Polyphony of the Deep Rainforest (1983) ZAIRE I love the entrancing and complex vocal interplay of all “pygmy” music. This one “documents a song-and-dance ceremony by a group of Pygmies in Mambasa, Zaire in 1983. Mambasa is a town at the entry to the Ituri Rain Forest, where Pygmies continued to live off of the land and feed themselves by hunting with bows and spears.” It’s a field recording, no frills - often just voices, sometimes accompanied by the likembe thumb piano.

11. AMAMPONDO - Heartbeat of Africa “Uyandibiza” (1983) SOUTH AFRICA Joyous and driving large ensemble from South Africa, with drums, marimbas, and mbiras plus unhinged vocals and other noise-makers to shake things up

12. TAMMA WITH DON CHERRY & ED BLACKWELL (1984) NORWAY / GAMBIA / US - deep grooves and a joyous spirit here on this live festival recording, with 2 of Ornette Coleman’s original crew joining Gambian master drummer Miki N'Doye and the group he formed with Norwegian jazz musicians.

13. JOHNNY DYANI - Afrika (1983) SOUTH AFRICA / DENMARK - amazing work bridging his roots in the more groove-oriented South African “Cape Jazz” with more avant-garde elements, and adding his own innovative bass work, utilizing harmonics and virtuosic playing. Also the unusual addition of steel drum.

14. GREG BROWN- One Night (1981)

15. SONIC YOUTH - Sister (1987) / Daydream Nation (1988) / Evol (1986) / Bad Moon Rising (1985)

16. HUSKER DU - Zen Arcade (1984) / New Day Rising (1985)

17. STEVE TIBBETTS - Northern Song (1982)

18. KEITH JARRETT, GARY PEACOCK, JACK DEJOHNETTE - Changeless (1989) - emotionally rich and exquisitely played

19. THE KRONOS QUARTET - Terry Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain (1985) - some phenomenal tracks (“Sunrise ..”) and some that are just lovely. Far different than Riley’s minimalist modal music, this is dynamic and shifting

20. MISSION OF BURMA - Vs. (1982) / The Horrible Truth About Burma (1983)

21. THE DOWNSIDERS - All My Friends Are Fish (1988)

22. DOT 3 - Dot 3 (1986) - One of the most uniquely funky bands of their time, with intricate, killer bass lines, punchy horns, tribal percussion, and often a marching procession into their shows. Almost got signed, but alas, one of the greatest “unknown” bands of the US in the 80’s

23. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Juju (1981) / A Kiss In The Dreamhouse (1982) UK

24. NO MEANS NO - Sex Mad (1986) CANADA - Rhythmically heavy prog-punk attack with a maniacal lyrical edge. Fat bass, tight as hell, and joyously exuberant.

25. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - The Firstborn Is Dead (1985) / Tender Prey (1988) / Your Funeral … My Trial (1986) AUSTRALIA / GERMANY

26. TOM WAITS - Swordfishtrombones (1983) / Rain Dogs (1985)

27. RICKIE LEE JONES - Pirates (1981) / The Magazine (1984) / Flying Cowboys (1989)

28. HOTHOUSE FLOWERS - People (1988) IRELAND - a rousing blend of rock with influences from Irish folk, r’n’b, and gospel - great songwriting, and “Saved’ is one of the most beautiful closing songs ever. “Feel good” music that is actually good.

29. MANZOOR KHAN LANGA / DHODE KHAN / PATHAN KHAN - The Sound of Desert (1985) INDIA - the hypnotic dance music of the Rajashtan gypsies, with their distinctive instruments such as the double-barreled flute which allows for drone and melody at once, with propulsive percussion and strings.

30. KETAMA, TOUMANI DIABATE, & DANNY THOMPSON - Songhai (1988) SPAIN / MALI / UK - fantastic collaboration between this Spanish flamenco group and the rising Malian kora master, with bass from England’s Thompson. Heavy on the flamenco side, but some pieces of true fusion.

31. THE BULGARIAN VOICES ANGELITE - A Cathedral Concert (1987) BULGARIA - one of the premiere proponents of this amazingly unique bulgarian vocal choir style. A full-throated vocal style that can probably be heard a mile away when at full blast. Entrancing and uplifting.

32. TONY SCOTT - African Bird: Come Back! Mother Africa (1984) - A lovely rhythmic dream-suite that floats along with a weaving of clarinet, flute, marimba, kalimba, trombone, drums, voices, and more

33. MASTER MUSICIANS OF TANZANIA - Mateso (1987) TANZANIA - A highly distinctive and hypnotic sound with spirited group vocals. Never fails to delight!

34. MARGARET LENG TAN - Plays Somei Satoh: Litania (1988) MALAYSIA / US (Tan) JAPAN (Satoh) - several exceptionally stunning pieces, and several impressive but turgid piano torrents.

35. PAUL DRESHER - This Same Temple / Liquid & Stellar Music (1984) / Night Song / Channels Passing (1984) - “This Same Temple” is a piano duet that grows in layers (with repetitive pieces like Steve Reich), “Liquid & Stellar Music” is a kind of Fripp-Eno journey, with busy guitar lines weaving over ambient textures.

36. HENRYK GORECKI - Symphony No.3, Three Pieces In The Olden Style - Amen For Choir (1988) - POLAND - by The Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra Of Katowice and The Warsaw National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

37. CODONA - Codona 3 (1982) / Codona 2 (1980) US / BRAZIL - 3 masters (Don Cherry, Collin Walcott and Nana Vasconcellos) exploring a beautiful variety of textures. From ambient to groove, all with a sweet improvisational flow and a wide variety of world instrumentation.

38. TRANSLATOR - Evening of the Harvest (1986) / Heartbeats and Triggers (1982)

39. RITES OF SPRING - Rites Of Spring (1985)

40. THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 - Tangle (1989)

41. DOG FACED HERMANS - Everyday Time Bomb (1989) UK / NETHERLANDS - Jagged driving punk groove with joyful creative fervor from Scotland’s finest. The best was yet to come in the 90’s.

42. THE EX - Joggers & Smoggers (1989) / Aural Guerilla (1988) NETHERLANDS

43. GANG OF FOUR - Another Day / Another Dollar (1982) / Songs Of The Free (1982) UK

44. KING CRIMSON - Discipline (1981) UK / US

45. THE WATERBOYS - This Is The Sea (1985) / Fisherman’s Blues (1988) UK


47. SPLIT ENZ - Time And Tide (1982) / Waiata (1981) / True Colors (1980) NZ / AUSTRALIA

48. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - Ocean Rain (1984) / Crocodiles (1980) / Porcupine (1983) / Heaven Up Her fry e (1982) UK

49. SUN RA - Strange Celestial Road (1980) - A swirling, squealing funky jazz beast to kick off Sun Ra’s 4th decade of music-making

50. PIERRE DORGE & NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA - Even The Moon Is Dancing (1985) DENMARK / SOUTH AFRICA - fun 15-person ensemble with Dorge’s skittering guitar and a great cast of creators, including South Africa native Johnny Dyani and sax from John Tchicai

51. MIRIAM MAKEBA - Sangoma (1988) SOUTH AFRICA - 30 years into a long career, a fantastic collection of exuberant songs, many of which are just voices and percussion. Songs celebrating the spirit of South Africa shortly before the end of apartheid and her return to her native land after exile.

52. SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK - Good News (1981) / We All … Everyone of Us (1983)

53. HAMLET GONASHVILI - Грузинские народные песни (1983) GEORGIA

54. LARRY KARUSH - Piano Crossroads (1988) - a non-cliched jazz-oriented piano album that is just sweet and joyful. Reminds me of the mood (but not really the sound) of Vince Guaraldi. Draws on African influences, esp. on a great duet with kora master Dijmi Kouyate.

55. SKELETON CREW - The Country of Blinds (1986) US / UK

56. SINEAD O’CONNOR - The Lion And The Cobra (1987) IRELAND - a consistently strong debut, with daring forceful vocals over an adventurous mix of textures and excellent songs.

57. MARI BOINE - Gula Gula (1989) NORWAY


59. CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN - II & III (1986) / Camper Van Beethoven (1986) / Telephone Free Landslide Victory (1985)

60. PETER GABRIEL - Passion (1989) / Security (1982) / So (1986) UK

61. U2 - War (1983) / The Unforgettable Fire (1984) / The Joshua Tree (1987) IRELAND

62. MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Isn’t Anything (1988) UK

63. RAPEMAN - Two Nuns And A Pack Mule (1988) - some of the tightest noise-rock of the 80’s. Terrible name for a great band.

64. PUBLIC ENEMY - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (1988)

65. BAD BRAINS - Rock For Light (1983)

66. URGH! A MUSIC WAR (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (1982) US / UK - A glorious cross-section of some of the better new music of the era, all recorded live for the film of the same name. Mixing some well-known (The Police, XTC, DEVO, Echo & The Bunnymen, Gang of Four, X, Steel Pulse) with some more obscure gems (Skafish, Athletico Spizz 80, Pere Ubu, John Otway), this was a smorgasbord of 27 artists for new music fans in the early 80’s.

67. SAVAGE REPUBLIC - Customs (1989) / Jamahiriya democratique et populaire de sauvage (1988) / Trudge (1985) - one of the more adventurous post-punk bands of the 80’s, who evolved from a heavily percussive onslaught to a band embracing middle-eastern melodies and rhythms, subdued trancy rock, and anthemic outbursts

68. MUSICIANS OF THE NILE - Luxor to Isna (1989) EGYPT - the hypnotic sound of the Sudan region, with instruments such as mizmar, arghul, and dumbek weaving a dense tapestry of sound, usually with a strong rhythmic pulse.

69. RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - Bukra (1989) LEBANON / GERMANY - a great hybrid of Arabic music with modern jazz. He brings the oud into the mix, which features some great jazz musicians and Indian percussion

70. DEAD KENNEDYS - Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)

71. STEEL POLE BATHTUB - Butterfly Love (1989) - gnarlier and more rocking than any of the bands that were becoming popular in the Sub Pop world. Throbbing bass and skitzo guitar with great songwriting. Imagine Mudhoney crossed with No Means No. Bonus: roots in my home state of Montana!

72. THE JAM - The Gift (1982) / Sound Affects (1980) UK

73. THOMAS DOLBY - The Golden Age of the Wireless (1982) UK

74. X - More Fun In The New World (1983) / Under The Big Black Sun (1982) / Los Angeles (1980) / Wild Gift (1981)

75. THE FALL - This Nation’s Saving Grace (1985) / The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall (1984) UK

76. IVA BITTOVA & PAVEL FAJT - Bittova & Fajt (1987) - CZECHIA - adds an avant-rock attitude to slavic and romani folk, with just violin, percussion, and distinctive vocal punctuation.

77. ANDY SUMMERS & ROBERT FRIPP - I Advance Masked (1982) UK - Fantastically complex yet sublime at the same time. 2 guitar masters branch out

78. KRONOS QUARTET / PAT METHENY (STEVE REICH - composer) - Different Trains; Electric Counterpoint (1989)

79. RUINS - Ruins III (also titled: Infect) (1988) JAPAN - one of the funnest, and earliest examples of “brutal prog” or “math-noise-rock” or whatever you want to call this - just bass, drums, and vocals - all flailing away with a joyous sense of abandon, while being very disciplined. Fans of No Means No, Lightning Bolt and Boredoms - take note.

80. DISCIPLINA KICME - Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno (1983) SERBIA (YUGOSLAVIA in 80’s) - An amazing prog-punk-funk party with just bass and drums. Stands up next to other bands treading similar ground like No Means No and The Ruins.

81. FELA KUTI - Original Sufferhead (1981) / Coffin For Head of State (1981) / Authority Stealing (1980) / Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense (1986) NIGERIA

82. SWANS - Children of God (1987) - their first departure from their harsh early period, this finds both majesty and beauty in their domain, with some striking contributions from Jarboe and a kind of sublime power. The best was yet to come.

83. THE GANELIN TRIO - Live in East Germany (1980) LITHUANIA - an explosion of “free” music that maintains a sense of joyful playfulness throughout

84. LAST EXIT - Last Exit (1986) - a true fusion of jazz and punk/noise. A live recording that bursts out of the gates with a rumble and soon explodes into a swirl of sax and guitar fuselage. With chops to boot, they charge into the apocalypse with all hands on deck, improvising a storm of noise previously unheard.

85. JAMES BLOOD ULMER - Odyssey (1983) - A distinct sound which somehow merged rock, blues, funk, and free jazz. Memorable songs with a uniquely choppy, “harmolodic” approach.

86. TATA BAMBO KOUYATE - Hommage a Baba Cissoko (1985) MALI - Before Oumou Sangare, this woman was one of Mali’s star vocalists, belting it out over a backing of kora, balafon, and guitar.

87. WIPERS - Youth Of America (1981)

88. NIRVANA - Bleach (1989)

89. SCRAWL - He’s Drunk (1988)

90. PAUL SIMON - Graceland (1986) US / SOUTH AFRICA

91. TOUMANI DIABATE - Kaira (1988) MALI - first album from this rising master of the kora, the 21-string harp of west africa. Full of lilting melodies and bursts of cascading notes.

92. SHANKAR - Pancha Nadai Pallavi (1989) INDIA - Pushing at the edges of Indian classical music, the electrified sound of the double violin makes this sound like a much more modernist take, though rooted in tradition. From sublime sweetness to a blazing swirl of strings.

93. TERRY RILEY - The Harp of New Albion (1986)

94. CINDYTALK - In This World 2 (1988) UK

95. MEAT PUPPETS - Meat Puppets II (1982) / Up On The Sun (1985) / Huevos (1987) / Meat Puppets (1982) - Meat Puppets II stands as one of the first, and finest, attempts to play countrified music coming from a punk background.. Following their raging noise-punk debut, they took a left turn, turned down the amps, and showed that they were actually pretty fine musicians. And they could write some stellar songs which exist in their own universe, a kind of stoned back-porch psychedelia, which occasionally revs up to really rock the house.

96. POI DOG PONDERING - Poi Dog Pondering (1989) - this hits a sunny day sweet spot. Mostly acoustic, with a load of nice instruments - mandolin, violin, steel guitar, fretless bass, banjo, trumpet, tin whistle, vocal harmonies - you get the idea. Solid songs and large ensemble joy.

97. ZOVIET FRANCE - Shouting at the Ground (1988) UK - a fairly stunning collection of ambient-industrial explorations, before such a term even existed. A mix of acoustic and electric elements that collide in surprising ways. A dark mystical tone unites the album as it drifts from one piece to the next, utilizing strings, flutes, effects, percussion, and electronic elements, with an ethnological curiosity for all sounds.

98. UNIVERSAL CONGRESS OF - Universal Congress Of (1987) - very trippy and entrancing extended explorations with the guitar wizardry of Joe Baiza, expanding beyond what he was doing in the song-based context of Saccharine Trust. Surely one of the most underrated guitarists of his time. Not nearly as jazz-oriented as their later albums, this fits much more in the rock/noise camp, with some common ground with James Blood Ulmer, Last Exit, & Sonny Sharrock.

99. SPOT 1019 - This World Owes Me a Buzz (1988) - a quirky and unique pop-rock wonder

100. SWINGERS - Counting the Beat (1981) NZ / AUSTRALIA - Insanely catchy and creative pop which ruled the Australian charts, but sadly never crossed over the seas. Some of the most fun music of the early 80’s.

101. CHUCO VALDES - Tema de Chaka (1981) CUBA - Raging hot jazz workouts to sweet melodic journeys from this Cuban piano master, backed by full band with some really funky bass 102. CRAIG LEON - Nommos (1981) - rhythmic minimalist synth for dance, much in common with the krautrock trancy vibe 103. STEVE ELIOVSON & COLLIN WALCOTT - Dawn Dance (1981) SOUTH AFRICA / US 104. LOU HARRISON - La Koro Sutro (1988) 105. KING SUNNY ADE AND HIS AFRICAN BEATS - Juju Music (1982) NIGERIA 106. VAN MORRISON - Common One (1980) IRELAND 107. ELVIS COSTELLO - Trust (1981) / Get Happy!! (1980) / Imperial Bedroom (1982) UK 108. PHILIP AABERG - High Plains (1985) - Majestic solo piano reflecting the big sky and “high plains” of my home state, Montana, where Aaberg resides. He manages to create music that is both creatively compelling and serenely soothing, a delicate balance. 109. OFFERING - Part 1 / Part 2 (1986) FRANCE - a nice offering of spiritual jazz dedicated to John Coltrane. Often closer to Pharoah Sanders in sound. The vocals often detract from the sweetness with some overbearing sections. 110. SHAHRAM NAZERI - Gol-e Sadbarg (1984) IRAN 111. DANCE CRAZE (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (1981) UK - An amazing look at the 2 Tone ska explosion in England, which was an unusually racially-mixed movement of bands who amped up Jamaican ska with some punk energy. This is the soundtrack to the film. The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners, The Selecter, Bodysnatchers, and The Beat. 112. FUNKADELIC - THE Electric Spanking of War Babies (1981) 113. BIG BOYS - No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, There’s Always A Seat! (1984) / Lullabies Help The Brain Grow (1983) - One of the earliest and best funk-punk hybrids, from Texas no less. You can tell that their live shows would have been a barrel of fun. From speedy punk workouts to jagged funky jams, this is from the days when punk was joyous and free of dogmatism. 114. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Mutiny! (1983) / Prayers On Fire (1981) / Junkyard (1982) AUSTRALIA 115. SLOVENLY - Thinking Of Empire (1986) - I always loved this band’s off-kilter style, especially the unique guitar approach and interesting melodic sensibility. They carved out a unique place in the post-punk musical spectrum. 116. JOHN ADAMS - Shaker Loops / Phrygian Gates (1980) - Twisting, turning, sublime, epic. Released in many forms over the years, this was possibly the earliest release. 117. EFE PYGMIES - Songs From The Edge Of The Forest: Polyphonies of the Efe Pygmies (1987) ZAIRE - deep forest field recordings, capturing the amazing trance-like polyphonic singing of one of earth’s earliest human civilizations. Also some tracks with mouth bow, thumb piano, and simple harps, also played in a repetitive rhythmic fashion. 118. MCINTOSH COUNTY SHOUTERS - Slave Shout Songs from the Coast of Georgia (1984) 119. THE RUSTAVI CHOIR - Georgian Voices (1989) GEORGIA - an all-male polyphonic choir, veering from somber and meditative to bouncy and joyous. 120. TRIO BULGARKA - Bulgarka Folk Trio (1985) BULGARIA 121. TURGUN ALIMATOV - Оромижон (1981) UZBEKISTAN 122. THE POINTER SISTERS - Break Out (1983) - if you’re gonna go for the big 80’s pop sound with lots of keyboards, this is how to do it - joyous and creative, with a trio of sisters belting it out! 123. A CERTAIN RATIO - Sextet (1982) UK - one of the more groove-oriented bands in the early 80’s post-punk scene, with some compellingly funky material (great bass!), and great musicianship with an adventurous edge. 124. JONI MITCHELL - Shadows and Light (1980) - summarizing the highs of her 70’s output with a live set featuring some amazing jazz-rock all-stars putting a new spin on the material. Would be higher-rated except that all the material is from the 70’s. 125. BOB MARLEY - Uprising (1980) JAMAICA 126. FRED FRITH & RENE LUSSIER - Nous Autres (1987) UK / CANADA - a joyous romp through varieties of tightly-controlled guitar chaos. Two masters blasting through the confines of the guitar. 127. ONE LAST WISH - 1986 (rec. 1986) - after Rites of Spring imploded, the members switched guitarists and added some more conventional pop and rock elements to their hardcore sound. Still plenty of punch, and impassioned “emo” vocals, with the same killer rhythm section. 128. BARBARA MANNING - Lately I Keep Scissors (1989) - Fantastic songs - there's not a less-than-great song on here, each one a unique gem. Somehow captures the perfect balance between acoustic/electric, light/dark, quiet/noisy, folk/rock/punk. 129. PLUGZ - Better Luck (1981) - A tragically forgotten LA band that morphed into the much inferior Cruzados. Raw and joyous rock with a punk edge. 130. RIP RIG + PANIC - God (1981) / I Am Cold (1982) UK - One of the more adventurous bands of the 80’s, demolishing genres in a head-spinning swirl. Funk/punk/free jazz/experimental stew. Imagine The Minutemen, Captain Beefhart, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and This Heat jamming. Neneh Cherry makes her debut here, along with Ari Up of The Slits supplying vocals. Don Cherry joins for 2nd album! 131. BINDER QUINTET FEATURING JOHN TCHICAI (1983) HUNGARY - a bit of a "spiritual jazz" feel, with nice playing all around. Some exquisite moments! 132. FUTURO ANTICO - Futuro Antico (1980) / Dai primitivi all'elettronica (1980) ITALY - electro-acoustic drone jams, with prominent keyboard and excellent flute and other wind instruments. From drifting space to pulsing grooves a’la Terry Riley. 133. THE THE - Soul Mining (1983) UK 134. MOHAMMAD-REZA SHAJARIAN - Bidad (1985) IRAN 135. DJIVAN GASPARYAN - I Will Not Be Sad In This World (1983) ARMENIA 136. L. SUBRAMANIAM - Le Violon de l'Inde du Sud (1980) INDIA - violin flowing like a river, an instrument ideally suited for Indian Carnatic music. Beautiful and entrancing. 137. DOLLAR BRAND (ABDULLAH IBRAHIM) - African Marketplace (1980) SOUTH AFRICA / US 138. DJELI MOUSSA DIAWARA - Yasimika (1982) GUINEA - Lovely combination of kora, balafon, guitar, and multiple voices. Despite the lack of percussion, these pieces flow with a rhythmic intensity. Helped spark a “roots revival” in Africa, where the trend was towards more “modern” electrified music. Recorded in the Ivory Coast by this Guinea-born master. 139. KANDA BONGO MAN - Iyole (1981) FRANCE / DR OF CONGO - The guitars swirl and bubble over an infectious groove and sweet vocals. Excellent Congolese soukous music to get your dance on! 140. HASSAN HAKMOUN - The Fire Within: Gnawa Music Of Morocco (1989) MOROCCO - the funky bass-like sintir is prominent here, grooving away with percussion and strong vocal punctuation, all distinct in the gnawa tradition of Morocco. 141. MUNIR BASHIR - En Concert ‘a Paris (1988) IRAQ / HUNGARY - the innovative master of the oud, whose meditative, improvisational style is a thing of beauty. Melodic flourishes and frequent silent moments draw you in to this hypnotic music. 142. THE SPECIALS - More Specials (1980) UK - Not as high-energy as their debut, but they continue to create dance music with a darker and more politicized edge than their English two-tone contemporaries. 143. CAMBERWELL NOW - The Ghost Trade (1986) UK - From the ashes of This Heat came this group exploring similarly unconventional terrain, but with more emphasis on trance-like grooves and less abrasive textures. 144. A.C. TEMPLE - Sourpuss (1989) / Blowtorch (1988) UK 145. AU PAIRS - Playing With A Different Sex (1981) UK - Like Gang of 4, they infuse their (slightly less punky) rock with a good dose of funkiness, and their personal with their political, with an unusually even male-female split in the band. 146. MASSACRE - Killing Time (1980) 147. RONALD SHANNON JACKSON AND THE DECODING SOCIETY - Barbeque Dog (1983) 148. PATTI SMITH - Dream of Life (1988) - a solid “comeback” after an 8 year absence for child-raising - less edgy and more mature, but a satisfying mix of more somber pieces and a few rockers, with a beautiful closing lullaby for her new child. 149. TRACY CHAPMAN - Tracy Chapman (1988) 150. PRIMUS - Suck On This (1989) - coming on strong with a live debut showcasing their funk/punk/metal/prog stew nicely. 151. FIREHOSE - Ragin’ Full On (1986) 152. WIRE - Snakedrill (1986) UK - after a 7-year hiatus, Wire returned with a great collection of tunes that all tread a delicate dark/light balance, partly sunny, a little eerie, and innovative as always. 153. ZAZOU / BIKAYE / CY1 - Noir Et Blanc (1983) FRANCE / CONGO - An exhilarating collision of disparate worlds - electronica meets the Congo meets the avant-garde. So far ahead of its time that nobody has caught up yet. 154. ANUGAMA - Healing (1988) GERMANY 155. HANNIBAL - The Angels of Atlanta (1981) - Carrying the flame of spiritual jazz into the 80’s, an inspired and wide-ranging journey, from fiery flights to soulful meditations. 156. SQUIRRELBAIT - Squirrelbait (1985) 157. DANIEL OWINO MISIANI AND SHIRATI JAZZ BAND - Benga Blast! (1989) KENYA - bubbly dance grooves in the soukous style, sunny and joyous. Great guitar work adds punch, with bass pumping fervently. 158. DADISI KOMOLAFE - Hassan’s Walk (1983) - Soulful / spiritual jazz in the coltrane tradition, with a strong groove 159. PIGBAG - Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive (1982) UK - all about the groove, in many nice directions. Jazz/funk/latin/new-wave melange all delivered with punk energy and some trippy trance excursions. Excellent bass, plus horns, keyboards, etc. All instrumental 160. PRETENDERS - Pretenders (1980) / II (1981) - US / UK They traversed from rock to punk to pop with ease, and wrote some damned good songs. “Tattooed Love Boys” remains one of the greatest songs of its era 161. SHIVKUMAR SHARMA & ZAKIR HUSSAIN - Rag Madhuvanti and Rag Misra Tilang (1987) INDIA 162. PETER MICHAEL HAMEL - Transition (1983) GERMANY - entrancing piano work, veering from exploratory reaches to serene sparseness, with some rapid rolling rides. 163. RUFUS AND CHAKA KHAN - Stompin’ at the Savoy (1983) 164. PIXIES - Doolittle (1989) / Surfer Rosa (1988) 165. KELS KOCH - Kochin (1984?) - Never heard of this one? No surprise, since it was an extremely limited cassette-only release by my friend, who happened to be an amazing songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, way back in high school! Now in The Million Sellers by the way. 166. SACCHARINE TRUST - Worldbroken (1985) - A rambling jazzy-punky hybrid which gets extra points for being a completely improvised live recording. Roping in Mike Watt from the Minutemen, this is a slightly psychotic and mysterious journey. You either love or hate Jack Brewer’s spoken-sung vocals, I enjoy his unique delivery. 167. TEST DEPT. - A Good Night Out (1987) UK - live theatrical recording, with the highlight being several bagpipe-led pieces with horns and drums - quite lovely for an “industrial” band 168. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BEAT OF SOWETO (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (1985) SOUTH AFRICA Bringing South African music to the world’s attention, this is a great sampler of 12 groups playing different styles which all retain a joyous delivery. 169. JAGATARA - Nanban Torai (1982) / The Naked King (1987) JAPAN - afrobeat / funk workouts with a heavy debt to Fela Kuti and Talking Heads. Fresh energy, joyous spirit and a punk edge carry it past imitation. 170. ORNETTE COLEMAN - Of Human Feelings (1982) - Joyous funky grooves, with a manic edge. Suffers a bit from sameness, but what a groove it is! 171. THIS HEAT - Deceit (1981) UK 172. PETE TOWNSHEND - Empty Glass (1980) UK 173. NEIL YOUNG - Freedom (1989) 174. HAPPY GO LICKY - Will Play (rec. 1987-88) - Rites of Spring members reunite for a more experimental, post-hardcore sound, only occasionally reaching the frenzied rush of their former band. If they had made it into a studio for a good recording, this would be higher rated, but all we have is some so-so live recordings. 175. HEART - Bebe Le Strange (1980) 176. VAGTAZO HALOTTKEMEK (GALLOPING CORONERS) - A Halál móresre tanítása (Teach Death a Lesson) (1988) HUNGARY - a loud rock monster, both bleak and joyous. Heavy tribal drums, and lots of sonic dynamics. Recorded shortly before Hungarian liberation from the Soviet Union, and they seem determined to blast the walls open all by themselves. 177. VOLCANO SUNS - All Night Lotus Party (1986) 178. DINOSAUR JR. - You’re Living All Over Me (1987) / Bug (1988) 179. BIG BLACK - Bulldozer (1983) 180. OXBOW - Fuckfest (1989) 181. VICTIMS FAMILY - Things I Hate To Admit (1988) 182. BASTRO - Diablo Guapo (1989) 183. WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES - Let’s Play Domination (1988) UK - shambolic ultra-distorted blues-dub-punk romps, think Birthday Party, Jesus & Mary Chain, Big Black, Gang of Four. 184. HEDNINGARNA - Hedningarna (1989) SWEDEN 185. ALI AKBAR KHAN, JOHN HANDY & DR. L. SUBRAMANIAM - Rainbow (1983) INDIA / US 186. HAROLD BUDD AND BRIAN ENO - The Pearl (1984) US / UK 187. COLIN NEWMAN - A-Z (1980) UK - material intended for the 4th Wire album, upon their dissolution Newman delivers a solid album, a bit less edgy without his Wire mates. 188. DIAGRAM BROTHERS - Some Marvels of Modern Science (1981) UK 189. CRYSTALIZED MOVEMENTS - This Wideness Comes (1989) - psych-noise-rock that peaks with some pummeling blow-outs, as well as some more structured songs with a more sunny feel. 190. THE SELECTER - Too Much Pressure (1980) UK 191. DEVO - Freedom Of Choice (1980) 192. CROWDED HOUSE - Crowded House (1986) AUSTRALIA 193. TONE DOGS - Ankety Low Day (1989) - avant-funk-rock-jazz adventures, with a sense of lighthearted fun. A lot going on in these songs, but not too much to lose the sense of flow. RIO flavor. Fans of Primus take note. 194. BONGWATER - Double Bummer (1988) - having a psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll blast, with some punk bombast in the mix, and plenty of whimsical weirdness. 195. ADAM AND THE ANTS - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (1980) UK - this was my introduction to “new wave” and every song is etched in my brain. Quite a curious mix of styles, with plenty of catchy (and wacky) chants over jangly acoustic guitar and punk-edged electric guitar, with simple drum rhythms. The Native American posturing is cringeworthy, though. 196. WALKABOUTS - Cataract (1989) - a unique strain of rootsy rock with great songwriting and a gritty delivery. Being from Seattle, they ended up on SubPop while not being “grunge” at all. 197. PSYCHIC TV - Dreams Less Sweet (1983) UK 198. THE CALL - Modern Romans (1983) 199. ANTHONY DAVIS - Episteme (1981) - interesting cross-section of jazz, classical, and gamelan 200. CHAKA KHAN - Naughty (1980) 201. ALI FARKA TOURE - Ali Farka Toure (1988) MALI 202. IRAKERE - Cuba Libre (1980) CUBA 203. MICHAEL KAROLI / POLLY ELTES - Deluge (1984) GERMANY / UK - an unexpected delight from the post-Can world suitable for silly dancing. Various grooves with a nice edge from Karoli’s guitar sonics. A few tracks with fellow Can alum Jaki Liebezeit joining in. 204. AUDIO LETTER - It Is This - It Is Not This (Neti-Neti) (1987) - with Don Cherry - Some inspired meanderings here, kind of a cross between ambient drift, post-punk, world fusion, and free jazz. 205. THE BAND OF HOLY JOY - Manic, Magic, Majestic (1989) UK - dramatic and joyous declarations in a pop/folk/orchestral mix, the spirit reminds me of The Pogues, Hothouse Flowers, Arcade Fire, etc. A fairly unique mix of instruments, with violin, trombone, accordion, upright bass, keyboards. 206. DAVID BOWIE - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980) UK 207. DAVID BYRNE & BRIAN ENO - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981) US / UK 208. DAVID BYRNE - The Catherine Wheel (1981) 209. JON HASSELL / BRIAN ENO - Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics (1980) US / UK - it’s taken me a while to warm up to Hassell’s trademark mutant queasy trumpet sound - but this can take you places … definitely a late-night other-world. Nana Vasconcelos adds light percussive pleasure. 210. ROBERT TURMAN - Flux (1981) - sublime minimalist pieces, sparse and entrancing 211. DAVID HYKES & THE HARMONIC CHOIR - Hearing Solar Winds (1983) 212. AIRTO MOREIRA - Samba De Flora (1988) BRAZIL 213. BOW WOW WOW - See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy! (1981) UK 214. MIDORI TAKADA - Through The Looking Glass (1983) JAPAN Little-known but excellent exploratory work from Japan. From sparser ambient pieces to Steve Reich - style percussive pulse to a more noisy, edgy piece with a punk attitude 215. LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO - Ulwandle Oluncgwele (1985) SOUTH AFRICA 216. CHARLIE HADEN - Ballad of the Fallen (1983) - songs from the Spanish Civil War, El Salvador, Portugal and Chile, re-imagined by a cast of exploratory jazz musicians (including Don Cherry). This was the second incarnation of Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra. 217. WIM MERTENS - A Man of No Fortune, and With a Name To Come (1986) BELGIUM - a lovely and bittersweet mood here - "dedicated to my father" - emotionally rich, though quite delicate and restrained, with beautiful piano and singing from Mertens. 218. ALIEN (AKA ALIEN TRIO FEATURING CHRISTIAN VANDER - Alien (1983 / 1988) FRANCE French “cosmic jazz” from the founder of Magma. Sweet melodies and soulful passionate playing drawing from the Coltrane / Tyner / Sanders ethos 219. CREATIVE ARTS ENSEMBLE - One Step Out (1981) 220. KLAUS WIESE - Baraka (1981) GERMANY - Lusciously sublime tones carry you into the next world … Tambura, zither, singing bowls, cymbals. One of his first of many albums. 221. MANUEL GOTTSCHING - E2-E4 (1981) GERMANY - One of the earliest examples of what would become electronic dance music, and still better than most of what has come since 222. JANET JACKSON - Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) 223. REM - Murmur (1983) 224. THE CURE - The Top (1984) UK - Some of their most aggressive and edgy material, along with the catchy pop leanings which would come to dominate in later years. 225. JOE JACKSON BAND - Beat Crazy (1980) UK 226. THROWING MUSES - Throwing Muses (1986) / House Tornado (1988) 227. PSYCHEDELIC FURS - Talk Talk Talk (1981) UK 228. BRYGADA KRYZYS - Brygada Kryzys (1982) POLAND 229. SQUEEZE - East Side Story (1981) UK 230. BRUCE COCKBURN - Stealing Fire (1984) CANADA 231. BAABA MAAL & MANSOUR SECK - Djam Leeli (1984) SENEGAL 232. SMITHS - Hatful Of Hollow (1984) UK 233. MICHELLE SHOCKED - The Texas Campfire Tapes (1986) - acoustic around the campfire, great songs and great delivery. 234. DANIELLE DAX - Jesus Egg That Wept (1984) UK 235. VIRGINIA ASTLEY - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure (1983) UK - Pastoral loveliness, quite a nice soundtrack for a summer stroll in the English countryside. Piano, flute, some guitar and lots of chirping birds. 236. BOBBY MCFERRIN - The Voice (1984) - This live album showcases his extremely playful acapella jazz vocal style, nothing but Bobby and a microphone, no instruments at all. 237. SAMBA MAPANGALA & ORCHESTRE VIRUNGA - Malako (1984) DR of CONGO - Infectious and joyous grooves from this group with roots across Central Africa 238. EGBERTO GISMONTI / NANA VASCONCELOS - Duas Vozes (1985) BRAZIL - Entrancing journeys, beautiful and mysterious 239. ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Album of the Year (1981) 240. PAUL MCCARTNEY - MCCARTNEY II (1980) - A stint in Japanese jail left him Wings-less and in a playful mood, evidenced by some wacky synth numbers and a claustrophobic sound unlike most of his catalog. 241. JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO - Double Fantasy (1980) 242. RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON - Shoot out the Lights (1982) UK 243. COMSAT ANGELS - Land (1983) UK 244. BRIAN ENO - Ambient 4: On Land (1982) - Some exquisitely beautiful pieces like “Lantern Marsh,” and some that are just kind of bleak. But overall, more beauty than bleak. 245. MICHAEL NYMAN - The Kiss and Other Movements (1985) 246. MCCOY TYNER - 4 X 4 (1980) / 13th House (1984) 247. HENRY THREADGILL SEXTET - Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket (1983) / Rag, Bush and All (1989) - a circus-like whimsy combined with an avant-jazz approach makes for a dynamic whirlwind 248. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO - Full Force (1980) - Ranging from abstract explorations on the quiet side to driving jazz and some nice melodic pieces, this is a great document of the varied terrain the Art Ensemble covers 249. ETHNIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE - Impressions (1982) - some super sweet sublime pieces (featuring kalimba, flute, sax, etc) and some more dynamic romps. 250. DAVID SYLVIAN & HOLGER CZUKAY - Plight & Premonition (1988) UK / GERMANY 251. JON HASSELL - Aka/Darbari/Java - Magic Realism (1983) 252. COCTEAU TWINS - Treasure (1984) UK 253. STEVIE WONDER - Hotter Than July (1980) 254. JOE JACKSON - Night And Day (1982) / Body And Soul (1984) 255. CAMARON DE LA ISLA - Como el Agua (1981) SPAIN 256. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - Prairie School Freakout (1988) - nestled somewhere between the Velvet Underground, Dream Syndicate and Dinosaur, Jr.,, this band just hits the spot for raucous and adventurous rock with a rootsy feel. 257. GRANT HART - Intolerance (1989) - In Husker Du, he brought a hippy ethos to the punk onslaught, and here he gets down with some good-time rock with a sentimental beauty. 258. TALL DWARFS - Slugbuckethairybreathmonster (1984) NZ - some shambolic fun rockin’ pop with a punk energy at times 259. SAQQARA DOGS - World Crunch (1986) - trancy, bass-heavy and other-worldly mix with a variety of influences, a trippy trancy groove 260. JANE SIBERRY - No Borders Here (1984) CANADA 261. ROBERT WYATT - Nothing Can Stop Us (1982) UK 262. GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Dream Street Rose (1980) 263. MICHAEL HARRISON - In Flight: Piano Solos (1987) 264. BILLY BANG SEXTET - Live at Carlos 1 (1987) 265. NATE MORGAN - Journey Into Nigrita (1983) - Jazz journeys in the spirit of Coltrane and Tyner 266. FISHBONE - Fishbone (1985) 267. SONNY SHARROCK - Guitar (1986) 268. MAHLATHINI & THE MAHOTELLA QUEENS - Paris-Soweto (1989) SOUTH AFRICA 269. FODAY MUSA SUSO - Hand Power (1984) GAMBIA - kora master accompanied by both african and more modern western instruments. 270. DE KIFT - Yverzucht (1989) NETHERLANDS - rollicking rock with a punk edge and plenty of fun horns and vocal chanting. 271. FATALA - Gongoma Times (1988) FRANCE / GUINEA 272. ESKATON - 4 Visions (1981) FRANCE 273. DAVID KAUFFMAN AND ERIC CABOOR - Songs from Suicide Bridge (1984) 274. LUZMILA CARPIO - Sumaj Llajta (1981) BOLIVIA 275. DOUGIE MACLEAN - Craigie Dhu (1983) IRELAND 276. TOM ZE - Nave Maria (1984) BRAZIL 277. FRANCO & ROCHEREAU - Omona Wapi (1985) DR of CONGO 278. EDDIE PALMIERI - Palo Pa’ Rumba (1984) PUERTO RICO - salsa by a master 279. MAX ROACH - M’boom (1980) - 8 (or more) percussionists playing a variety of jazz and latin tunes in a surprisingly melodic way (due to the tonality of the vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, steel pan and bells. 280. OINGO BOINGO - Good For Your Soul (1983) 281. DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR - 25 O’Clock (1985) UK 282. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Ice Cream For Crow (1982) 283. E.W. WAINWRIGHT, JR. - African Roots of Jazz (1981) - A communal, spiritual vibe runs throughout these heavily rhythmic pieces, often with a group choir chiming in. Heavy Latin-jazz influence, with nods to African roots. 284. EGBERTO GISMONTI - Circense (1980) BRAZIL 285. MICHAEL BROOK - Hybrid (1985) CANADA - Rhythmic ambient dreamscapes with guitar soaring in and out 286. JOHN MARTYN - Grace & Danger (1980) UK 287. ROBERT PLANT - Pictures At Eleven (1982) UK 288. REPLACEMENTS - Let It Be (1984) 289. NELS CLINE - Angelica (1988) - some compelling early work by Cline, some more firmly in the jazz realm and some very outside of it, with some adventurous explorations, from quiet and contemplative to chaotic and noisy 290. BOYS OF THE LOUGH - To Welcome Paddy Home (1986) IRELAND 291. KULT - Spokojnie (1988) POLAND 292. EURYTHMICS - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983) UK 293. YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA - Technodelic (1981) JAPAN 294. BRUCE GILBERT - This Way (1984) UK - entrancing soundscapes from the Wire member who leans towards the more discordant and dark side. Treading the waters between ambient, trance, and electronic dance pulse. No vocals, no songs. 295. DEAD CAN DANCE - The Serpent’s Egg (1988) AUSTRALIA 296. MEKONS - The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll (1989) UK - striking the perfect balance between rock, punk, pop and country, with some epic rockers and some lazy swayers. 297. JOAN ARMATRADING - Walk Under Ladders (1981) UK 298. ADRIAN BELEW - The Lone Rhino (1982) - fresh from adding some amazing sci-fi guitar injection to some of the best albums of the 80’s (Talking Heads’ Remain In Light and King Crimson’s Discipline), Belew gets his own warped groove on here. Belew got noises out of the guitar previously unheard, and his songwriting is pretty good too. 299. HUNTERS & COLLECTORS - Hunters & Collectors (1981) AUSTRALIA 300. M’BILIA BEL - Eswi Yo Wapi (1983) DR of CONGO 301. MBARAKA MWINSHEHE - Ukumbusho Vol. 2: Urafiki Mwisho Wa Mwezi (1983) TANZANIA - Tanzanian master of the bubbly dance groove, similar feel to soukous with great guitar lines and insistent groove 302. CABARET VOLTAIRE - 2 X 45 (1982) / Kai! (1981) UK - 2 x 45 is dance-punk with industrial elements, including sampled voices and odd noises. Sometimes rather joyous and trancy, but with a dark element also. 303. JOY DIVISION - Closer (1980) UK 304. MOEBIUS - PLANK - NEUMEIER - Zero Set (1983) GERMANY - Proto-techno dance music from this one-off German trio with 2 ex-Cluster members. Oddball blurps and bleeps over insistent rhythms on keyboards and drums. 305. SUPER RAIL BAND - New Dimensions in Rail Music (1985) MALI One of Mali’s most popular dance bands, fully electric with some fine grooving bass and guitar, horn section, and soaring vocals. 306. THOMAS MAPFUMO AND THE BLACKS UNLIMITED - Corruption (1989) ZIMBABWE 307. KAHIL EL’ZABAR’S THE RITUAL - Another Kind of Groove (1987) - nice spacious trio with repetitive grooves on either kalimba or bass, and violin soaring over. Simple and sweet 308. JOE HENDERSON - Relaxin’ At Camarillo (1981) 309. DON CHERRY & ED BLACKWELL - El Corazon (1982) - Duo explorations crossing jazz and world terrain. The Morrocan-ish groove of “Makondi” really gets down, while other tracks explore a wider palette. Two masters from Ornette Coleman’s original band just having fun and creating freely. Cherry plays a variety of instruments - pocket trumpet, piano, melodica, organ and the African stringed xalam, while Blackwell focuses on percussion. 310. SCRATCH ACID - Scratch Acid (1984) 311. GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE - The Message (1982) 312. RAINCOATS - Odyshape (1981) UK 313. SECTOR 27 - Sector 27 (1980) UK - After Tom Robinson’s band from the 70’s disbanded, he formed this short-lived group, which continued his impassioned songwriting craft and strong, punk-edged rock 314. HAIRCUT 100 - Pelican West (1982) UK 315. VIOLENT FEMMES - Hallowed Ground (1984) / Violent Femmes (1983) 316. LAURIE SPIEGEL - The Expanding Universe (1980) - Early synth pioneer with a roomful of large equipment at Bell Telephone Labs making some unusually evocative and warm sounds 317. VARIOUS ARTISTS - RAT MUSIC FOR RAT PEOPLE (1982) - (Mostly) live recordings of many of the west coast’s finest punk of the early 80’s (DK’s, DOA, Flipper, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., Dils, Avengers) plus Bad Brains from the East! 318. CRASH WORSHIP - The Science Of Ecstasy (1989) - Haunting soundscapes with heavy percussion and assorted noise, a milder dose of their future apocalyptic assault. Can go from meditative bowls to terrifying pounding in one piece. San Diego’s most extreme product, with a live show that often felt dangerous. For fans of Swans, Neurosis, Coil, etc. 319. ALI HASSAN KUBAN - From Nubia to Cairo (1980) EGYPT - Serious dance music for exuberant souls. The vocals are a little too upfront for me, but otherwise good stuff 320. UZ JSME DOMO - Uprostred Slov (original) (1987) CZECHIA 321. SODS - Under En Sort Sol (1980) DENMARK - dance-punk with a dark tone, some of which sounds very contemporary. At times resembling Siouxsie and the Banshees 322. STEVE REICH - Tehillim (1981) - Another variation on Reich’s hypnotic pulse, here with strong vocal parts 323. TONY ALLEN WITH AFROBEAT 2000 - Never Expect Power Always (1984) NIGERIA 324. JOAO GILBERTO, CAETANO VELOSO, & GILBERTO GIL - Brasil (1981) BRAZIL 325. NICK HEYWARD - North of a Miracle (1983) UK - A guilty pleasure, sweet pop but so well done … so many memorable & sentimental songs 326. MONKS OF DOOM - Soundtrack to the Film “Breakfast on the Beach of Deception” (1987) - a Camper Van Beethoven side project that explores some pretty cool psych-prog-folk-rock territory. 327. STEWART COPELAND - The Rhythmatist (1985) / Rumble Fish (Soundtrack) (1983) 328. STING - Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985) UK 329. THE TIME - What Time Is It? (1982) 330. DON CHERRY / DAVE HOLLAND / STEVE LACY / MASAHIKO TOGASHI - Bura-Bura (1986) 331. MUSIC REVELATION ENSEMBLE - No Wave (1980) - Assembling a supergroup of rising jazz players with a “punk” aesthetic, they took the name of the largely white punk “no wave” movement as it was fading and turned it on its head, approaching it from an avant-jazz angle. Most of them would all go on to do even greater things down the road, but this was a great roadmap. 332. KLARK KENT - Music Madness from the Kinetic Kid (1980) - Police drummer Stewart Copeland unleashes a wealth of catchy and wacky tunes, playing all the instruments himself. 333. RENALDO AND THE LOAF - Songs For Swinging Larvae (1981) UK - you are unlikely to find music much more absurd and silly than this. They manage to outdo labelmates The Residents in the weird department, with squiggling and squirting electronics, something resembling horns, prog-meets-nursery rhyme songs, and some of the most bizarrely effected vocals around. For fans of The Residents, The Flying Lizards, Silver Apples, Yello, Bruce Haack etc. 334. FUN BOY THREE - FB3 (1982) UK out of the ashes of The Specials, these 3 get a little weirder while keeping things festive, with some help from Bananarama 335. ENGLISH BEAT - Special Beat Service (1983) UK 336. THE MEMBERS - 1980 - The Choice Is Yours (1980) UK 337. FRIGHTWIG - Faster, Frightwig, Kill! Kill! (1986) / Cat Farm Faboo (198- fun and rowdy rock/punk by this all-female forerunner of riot grrl 338. SARLO AKROBATA - Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad (1981) SERBIA (YUGOSLAVIA in 80’s) - at their best, an unhinged noisy rock/punk beast, also mixing ska and dub into the mix 339. CRASS - Penis Envy (1981) UK 340. TALK TALK - Spirit of Eden (1988) UK - heralding the “post-rock” ethos, with a soulful and expansive sound as much ambient as rock. 341. MOMMYHEADS - Acorn (1989) - All these songs seem like little gems of polished pop perfection. Quirky and well-crafted, but not overly so, they are basically just really enjoyable. 342. 100 FLOWERS - 100 Flowers (1983) 343. ESSENDON AIRPORT - Palimpsest (1982) AUSTRALIA - interesting jumble of sounds - quirky pop, funky grooves, lounge jazz, dreamy rock, post-punk, rock-in-opposition, new wave etc. And they seem to be having fun doing it. 344. HIROSHI YOSHIMURA - Wave Notation 1: Music for Nine Postcards (1982) JAPAN - sublime minimalist keyboard pieces 345. THE GUN CLUB - Fire of Love (1981) 346. BEASTIE BOYS - Paul’s Boutique (1989) 347. THE FEELIES - The Good Earth (1986) - jangle rock with a Velvet Underground influence. Somewhat subdued and sweet with occasional rave-ups. 348. HAMZA EL DIN - Songs of the Nile (1982) EGYPT - meditative journeys with oud, frame drum and voice. 349. HERBIE HANCOCK & FODAY MUSA SUSO - Village Life (1985) US / GAMBIA - Fun to hear Herbie jamming with this Senegalese kora master here 350. JUNGLE BROTHERS - Done By The Forces of Nature (1989) 351. BILLY HARPER - The Believer (1980) 352. GARETH WILLIAMS & MARY CURRIE - Flaming Tunes (1985) UK - a bit mystical, a bit melancholic. Captivating tunes that are mostly acoustic, often with several layers of strings and piano, and often slightly odd, which is understandable since Gareth Williams was recently departed from This Heat. Home demo style recordings. 353. THE CHURCH - Of Skins And Heart (1981) AUSTRALIA - Jangly, dreamy rock with great songwriting and a bit of a punk edge 354. THE WHO - It’s Hard (1982) UK - This was panned at the time, but mostly good songs, and one of Pete Townshend’s most unhinged guitar performances in “Cry If You Want” make it worth a listen 355. BAD RELIGION - How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (1981) 356. DESCENDENTS - Milo Goes to College (1982) - Definitely in the “fun” camp of punk rock. Though they could be considered pioneers of “pop-punk” southern-california style, they have more edgy joy than what was to follow, more in league with The Minutemen than The Offspring 357. MICHAEL JACKSON - Thriller (1982) 358. STEVIE NICKS - Bella Donna (1981) 359. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Born in the U.S.A. (1984) / Nebraska (1982) 360. MICHAEL HEDGES - Aerial Boundaries (1984) 361. PAYOLAS - In a Place Like This (1981) CANADA 362. CLAIRE HAMILL - Voices (1986) - a mostly acapella album of layered voices, impressive in its scope and often quite lovely. Often has a kind of a dream-pop ambient feel, similar to Jane Siberry, Cocteau Twins, etc. 363. RY COODER - Paris, Texas (1985) 364. LARAAJI - Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance (1980) 365. BRIAN ENO / DANIEL LANOIS / ROGER ENO - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (1983) UK - Deep-space textures give this a very floating feeling, appropriately enough. The collaboration adds Lanois’ pedal-steel tones to Eno’s ambient explorations. 366. THE DREAM SYNDICATE - Days of Wine & Roses (1982) - Raw and visceral rock rooted in the Velvet Underground’s mix of melody and noise 367. SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Sister Double Happiness (1988) - heavy bluesy rockin’ roar from a band with punk roots (two were in Dicks). Reaches MC5 levels of greatness at times. The singer belts it out with conviction, and the band pushes hard. 368. DICKS - These People (1985) / Kill From The Heart (1983) - raw rock/punk with a bluesy feel and a roaring vocalist. More in common with the proto-punk of MC5 than most of their contemporaries. 369. RESIDENTS - Commercial Album (1980) - 40 1-minute “songs” ranging from bizarre to creepy. Must see the videos for the full effect. At their most accessible, they approach DEVO’s most bizarre moments. Featuring the guitar wizardry of Snakefinger! 370. BLACK FLAG - Damaged (1981) 371. MX-80 SOUND - Out Of The Tunnel (1980) 372. COIL - Horse Rotorvator (1986) UK 373. GIL SCOTT HERON & BRIAN JACKSON - 1980 (1980) 374. OSJAN - Roots (1982) POLAND - trancy acoustic journeys, 2 long pieces that traverse both gentle melodic and rhythmic driving textures, with a variety of instruments - guitar, harp, flute, jaw harp, kalimba, and various percussion. 375. UB40 - Signing Off (1980) UK 376. KATRINA AND THE WAVES - Walking On Sunshine (1983) 377. BANGLES - All Over The Place (1984) 378. BLACK UHURU - Red (1981) UK 379. PENTANGLE - Open The Door (1985) UK 380. BERT JANSCH CONUNDRUM - Thirteen Down (1980) UK 381. BOB MOULD - Workbook (1989) - his first post-Husker Du album, and it’s a strong showing of acoustic/electric songwriting, not so noisy and without some of the more overt pop sound which came before and after. 382. BAILTER SPACE - Tanker (1988) NZ - hints of better things to come - somewhat discordant, somewhat noisy rock with a dark edge. 383. CONFLICT - Increase the Pressure (1984) UK 384. THE DICKIES - Stukas Over Disneyland (1983) 385. RUSH - Signals (1982) CANADA 386. GRUPO KHANATA - Fiesta de los Quechuas (1982) BOLIVIA 387. KULTIVATOR - Barndomens Stigar (1980) SWEDEN 388. LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX - Mambo Nassau (1981) 389. MATERIAL - Memory Serves (1981) 390. SHRIEKBACK - Care (1983) UK - Cerebral and idiosyncratic dance-oriented music, with ventures into ambient textures. With former members of XTC and Gang of Four, you can’t go wrong. 391. BATTALION OF SAINTS - The Second Coming (1984) - at their best, some of the most unhinged blasts of damaged hardcore around. Sometimes more generic, but they had their moments. 392. GEORGE CLINTON - Computer Games (1982) 393. HUGH MASAKELA - Techno Bush (1984) SOUTH AFRICA 394. AL GREEN - Higher Plane (1981) - still riding the silky soulful funk flow, and takin’ it higher 395. SUGARCUBES - Life’s Too Good (1988) ICELAND 396. UNITS - Digital Stimulation (1980) - in the vein of early DEVO, and equally catchy and compelling. Great keyboard wackiness, strong vocals which almost always combine male and female matching vocals, and strong rhythmic drive. Not a guitar to be found. 397. HAROLD BUDD, ELIZABETH FRASER, ROBIN GUTHRIE & SIMON RAYMONDE - The Moon and the Melodies (1986) US / UK 398. JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS - Bad Reputation (1980) 399. FLIPPER - Gone Fishin’ (1984) 400. BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Butthole Surfers (1983) - The first and perhaps most potent blast from the acid-trip punk contingent. 401. CASPAR BROTZMANN MASSAKER - the tribe (1988) GERMANY - noisy rock/punk/jazz guitar assault, kinda like Black Flag meets Sonic Youth 402. YO LA TENGO - President Yo La Tengo (1989) 403. PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH - Power Toy (1988) 404. MAGAZINE - Play (1980) UK 405. BLANCMANGE - Happy Families (1982) UK 406. JERRY HARRISON - The Red and The Black (1981) 407. PROLETARIAT - Soma Holiday (1983) - A lesser-known but great punk band from Boston in the vein of Gang Of 4, The Ex and Wire. Raw, edgy, and politically charged. 408. KLAUS MITFFOCH - Klaus Mitffoch (1985) POLAND - mix of dance-punk slash with interesting pop touches and some wacky noises. Great vocals, which often rise to a joyful chant of sorts. Takes a lot of chances, which often work. 409. WALL OF VOODOO - Call Of The West (1982) 410. ROMEO VOID - Benefactor (1982) 411. J GEILS BAND - Freeze Frame (1981) 412. STEPHAN MICUS - Wings Over Water (1982) GERMANY 413. ANDY AND THE RATTLESNAKES - Last Summer To Dance (1981) - Little known but potent rock and roll revivalists who were kind of LA’s version of the E Street Band, complete with passionate vocal delivery, and with a more dance-oriented focus and a bit of punk passion. 414. THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN - The League of Gentlemen (1981) UK - How could a band containing 2 members from some of my favorite bands (XTC and Gang of Four) have escaped my attention? Robert Fripp here aims for a “dance band” and gets halfway there ... 415. SLITS - Return of the Giant Slits (1981) UK - a semi-acoustic avant-reggae-pop collision. With a boatload of instruments and a playful attitude, they slither and prance through their own sound-world. 416. ANGST - Lite Life (1985) 417. B-52’S - Wild Planet (1980) 418. THE UNTOUCHABLES - Wild Child (1985) 419. HALF JAPANESE - Charmed Life (1988) - fun music that sounds like a great late-night jam session at a party of musicians. Saxophone and exuberant vocals add variety to this shambolic poppy rock sound which has a definite Velvet Underground influence 420. JACKSON BROWNE - Hold On (1980) 421. PATTI LABELLE - The Spirit’s In It (1981) 422. PHAROAH SANDERS - Journey to the One (1980) - Though certainly not as compelling as his early 70’s albums, which are amongst my favorites of all-time (esp. “Live at the East,” “Elevation,” “Black Unity”), this is an enjoyable album of fairly smooth jazz with a little bit of his legendary fire in the mix, as well as some sublime beauty. 423. RAIN PARADE - Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (1983) 424. MEREDITH MONK - Dolmen Music (1981) 425. POGUES - Run, Sodomy, and the Lash (1985) UK 426. CELIBATE RIFLES - The Turgid Miasma of Existence (1986) AUSTRALIA 427. PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - The Flowers of Romance (1981) UK - drums are the dominant instrument in this bleak wasteland, with other sounds swirling in and out. Some odd beauty here as John Lydon wails over some careening rhythms. 428. BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE - This Is Big Audio Dynamite (1985) UK 429. DUSTDEVILS - Gutterlight (1988) - similar to Sonic Youth’s noise-rock sound, but doesn’t always reach the same focused heights of grandeur. Does have its moments, but overall inconsistent. 430. MINOR THREAT - Out of Step (1983) - One of the pioneers of hardcore punk. Though I much prefer singer Ian MacKaye’s later work with Fugazi, the full-on onslaught here was impressive. 431. OREGON - Crossing (1985) 432. PYLON - Gyrate (1980) 433. KILLING JOKE - Killing Joke (1980) UK 434. KISSING THE PINK - Naked (1983) UK 435. TOM TOM CLUB - Tom Tom Club (1981) 436. FLYING LIZARDS - Fourth Wall (1981) / The Flying Lizards (1980) UK 437. BOOTSY COLLINS - Ultra Wave (1980) 438. MANU DIBANGO - Gone Clear (aka A La Jamaique) (1980) / Electric Africa (1985) CAMEROON 439. ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S - Critical Beatdown (1988) 440. TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS - Hard Promises (1981) 441. THE UNKNOWNS - The Unknowns (1982) - Haunting songs with a retro-rockabilly meets new wave feel. Little known LA band that I discovered on New Wave Theatre. A bit like the Cramps without the campy element. “City of Angels” and “The Streets” are classics. 442. DEUTER - Silence Is the Answer (1980) GERMANY 443. HOLGER CZUKAY - On The Way To The Peak Of Normal (1981) GERMANY 444. THE GORDONS - The Gordons (1981) NEW ZEALAND - Heavy churning throb from New Zealand. They would later morph into Bailter Space, another fine band. 445. MAN SIZED ACTION - Five Story Garage (1984) - A Minneapolis band overshadowed by contemporaries like Husker Du and the Replacements, but a pretty damned good mix of melodic punk and post-punk. 446. ARTICLES OF FAITH - In This Life (1985) 447. YELLO - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess (1983) SWITZERLAND 448. PERE UBU - The Art Of Walking (1980) 449. JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Psychocandy (1985) UK 450. WILL ACKERMAN - Passage (1981) 451. FABRIZIO DE ANDRE - Creuza De Ma (1984) ITALY 452. LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Bass Culture (1980) JAMAICA / UK 453. BOB DYLAN - Infidels (1983) / Time Out of Mind (1989) 454. JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield (1985) 455. LEO KOTTKE - Guitar Music (1981) 456. ALICE COLTRANE - Turiya Sings (1982) 457. EINSTURZENDE NEUBATEN - Halber Mensch (1985) GERMANY 458. ROEDELIUS – Wenn Der Sudwind Weht (1981) GERMANY - A lovely melodic dreamscape fitting for a drive through the countryside. A solo effort by this Cluster member, showing the potential for synthesizers as a thing of beauty. 459. ROBERT FRIPP - God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners (1980) UK 460. BLIND IDIOT GOD - Blind Idiot God (1987) 461. FIRE PARTY - Fire Party (1988) - the first all-female addition to the legendary punk label Dischord, and their best material is potent, but overall a mixed bag. 462. DB’S - Stands For Decibels (1981) 463. DIANA ROSS - Diana (1980) 464. GENESIS - Abacab (1981) 465. PHIL COLLINS - Face Value (1981) - “In The Air Tonight” is a haunting masterpiece, and though the rest of the album doesn’t rise to these heights it's mostly a good collection 466. STEVE WINWOOD - Arc of a Diver (1980) 467. POPOL VUH - Agape-Agape, Love-Love (1983) GERMANY - While their early 70’s material remains my favorite, this showed they still had some new ideas and maintained the dreamy other-worldliness of old, from minimal sounds to majestic sweeping gestures, with some nice group neo-gregorian chanting 468. NAHAWA DOUMBIA - La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3 (1982) MALI - Hypnotically sweet grooves from the Wassoulou land of Mali 469. JOSEPH JARMAN & DON MOYE WITH JOHNNY DYANI - Black Paladins (1980) 470. MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS - Blues Forever (1982) - A sprawling jazz and beyond jazz work, from avant to straight up driving tunes, all with an 11-piece big band. 471. FRANCIS BEBEY - African Moonlight (1984) CAMEROON - Bebey was one of the more experimental African artists of his time, combining influences in ways rarely heard before. From Cameroon, he also lived in the U.S., France, and Ghana. Postmodern feel which sounds a little too sterile at times - and removed from its more primal origins. 472. RUN-DMC - Run-DMC (1984) 473. ANITA BAKER - Rapture (1986) 474. MARVIN GAYE - Midnight Love (1982) 475. RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY - Talk About The Weather (1985) UK 476. THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT - A Beard of Bees (1984) NEW ZEALAND 477. AC/DC - Back In Black (1980) AUSTRALIA 478. SUBURBAN LAWNS - Suburban Lawns (1981) - quirky and inventive blend of avant-rock with a punk edge, with tight rhythms, jagged guitars, and an overall whimsical vibe. 479. TOM ROBINSON - North By Northwest (1982) UK 480. THE CLEAN - Boodle, Boodle, Boodle (1981) NEW ZEALAND - A slightly dark, dreamy sound with some driving oomph from one of New Zealand’s finest. Reminds me of Dream Syndicate from this period 481. THE GO-BETWEENS - Spring Hill Fair (1984) AUSTRALIA 482. RHYTHM PIGS - Choke On This (1987) 483. WOLFHOUNDS - Blown Away (1989) UK 484. GREG SAGE - Straight Ahead (1985) 485. JOHN FAHEY - Let Go (1984) 486. DAVID MURRAY OCTET - Ming (1980) - Some fast-driving blowouts, some swingin jazz, some funky jams, some explorations 487. SIMPLE MINDS - New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84) (1982) UK 488. TEARS FOR FEARS - Songs From the Big Chair (1985) UK 489. MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual (1982) AUSTRALIA 490. DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS - Too-Rye-Ay (1982) UK 491. GLENN BRANCA - The Ascension (1981) 492. TOM VERLAINE - Dreamtime (1981) 493. LOU REED - New York (1989) / The Blue Mask (1982) 494. LAURIE ANDERSON - Big Science (1982) 495. THE DAMNED - The Black Album (1980) UK 496. CRIME AND THE CITY SOLUTION - Room of Lights (1986) AUSTRALIA 497. THE POP GROUP - For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? (1980) UK - a potentially great mix of funk, punk, and politics, which succeeds at times but often sounds murky and turgid, not to mention the simplistic political sloganeering and screechy vocals start to get old 498. MOSS ICON - Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly (1988) - decent early emo-ish punk/rock, hits some highs but lags at times 499. NEW ORDER - Power, Corruption, & Lies (1983) UK 500. BILLY JOEL - Glass Houses (1980)

NEW WAVE THEATRE And I must mention the huge impact of the TV Show "New Wave Theatre" - a precious window for those of us stuck in Montana to check out some of the best (and the worst) of new underground music. It was a bizarre 3-ring circus, with space-age philosophical musings by host Peter Ivers, plus bizarre little skits and fake ads, and the legendary band interviews, where Peter's question was always "What is the meaning of life?". And the music - so many great bands and artists, some of whom barely got around to releasing any official recordings. Some of my favorites who appeared during the 3? years (1981-83) of the show: X, TOP JIMMY & THE RHYTHM PIGS, CIRCLE JERKS, RED WEDDING, MONITOR, RAYONICS, DEAD KENNEDYS, THE FIBONACCIS, STEPMOTHERS, 45 GRAVE, UXA, PLUGZ, UNKNOWNS, LEGAL WEAPON, BLASTERS, THE GENERALS, LEVI DEXTER & THE TRIBE, SNAKEPIT & ZAM, ANGRY SAMOANS, BAD RELIGION, FEAR, ANDY & THE RATTLESNAKES, BRAINIACS, CIPHER