"Luscious! Textures and landscapes to dance to and live to! Especially useful in movement improvisation classes, guided relaxation, and movement therapy work. There's a real range of feelings in Glenn Smith's music. The tracks on these CDs (Piano and Heart Melts Mask) help my students discover more expressive range in their movements and their lives." - Jandy Bergmann, instructor, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

On the Piano CD: "This instrumental disc swept me up from the first listen with pretty melodies that made me want to close my eyes and let myself be transported by the music. . . Smith's Piano isn't exactly light, but none of the 16 tracks weigh heavy on a listener either, or fade into the background, or dull the senses with repetition - as instrumental tracks sometimes can. . . Lots of talent, there, both in his fingers and, I suspect, in his mind and heart as well." - Jennifer Savage, Arcata Eye, Arcata, CA

"Glenn Smith's piano is imbued with the playfulness of a child, the wisdom of a sage and the sensitivity of someone whose ears and heart are as open as his fingers are alive ... what most people won't dare on a six-string guitar Glenn pulls off on four strings, often accompanied by subtle, picture-painting lyricism." - Lila Nelson, songwriter, Arcata, CA

"I find Glenn's original music quite lyrical and peaceful. It's really lovely for my yoga practice. There's a nice meditative quality that's still interesting, though perfect for a background ambiance." -Robyn Smith, yoga teacher, Arcata, CA

"I have been listening a lot to your Winter Warming CD and find it perfect for this time of year. I use it when I do thai massages and it is just the right feeling. Warm, nostalgic, like big trees. There is a soothing and simple quality to it." - Pamela Becker, artist, Sedona, Arizona

On Winter Warming: "It's in tune with the wind and the birds and all the quietness around here. The space becomes bigger and bigger." - Gisela Navoni, Barcelona, Spain.