so why am i depressed?



Maybe its cause in every “civilized” country, the people who lived closest to the land have been genocided (killed / enslaved / forced to assimilate), and instead of having a “genocide remembrance day” we celebrate “columbus day.”

Maybe its cause many species of plants and animals have been completely destroyed, mostly by human activity. 

Maybe its cause we continue to torture all sea life with sonic blasts for the “national defense.” 

Maybe its cause we treat animals like products, sticking them in huge factory farms where they live in their own shit, barely able to move. 

Maybe its cause the poorest among us are labeled a “problem” while the obscenely rich use vast amounts of resources to the detriment of all life. 

Maybe its cause we have a “homeless problem” but not a “corporations gone amuk problem.” 

Maybe its cause we killed 1,000,000? People in iraq to install a friendly government to insure our wasteful consumptive lifestyle continue unabated. 

Maybe its cause the money we spend on one junk food meal could feed people in ethiopia for a week. 

Maybe its cause everyone is grasping to find a technological fix to our crisis when the crisis is simply consuming way too much and not being connected to the source of what we consume.  

maybe its cause the rainforests are being chopped down to feed the over-consuming beast of modern life. 

Maybe its cause the developing world is trying to follow in the footsteps of the developed world, when we should all be re-learning indigenous earth-friendly ways. 

Maybe its cause everyone seems to have forgotten about the “burning times” when over 100,000? Women (mostly) were burned or otherwise killed by an emerging culture that could not deal with the feminine in any way. 

Maybe its cause the medical industry seems to think everything can be made better with some pills pushed by the massive-profiting pharmaceutical industry. 

Maybe its cause I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome spending too much time on the computer like I am now. 

Maybe its cause some people still want to deny that humans are having a huge impact on the global climate. 

Maybe its cause instead of playing music with other people, we sit in our boxes and listen to sounds coming from a box. 

Maybe its cause there’s a huge mass of plastic garbage the size of texas swirling around in the ocean, killing birds and other critters who think its food, and yet plastic packaging is increasing every day. 

Maybe its cause everyone drinks liquids out of “recyclable” plastic bottles that only cause more toxicity by being recycled. 

Maybe its cause I still drive a car, even though I know that my driving is contributing to destruction far away. 

Maybe its cause we’re spending billions sending soon-to-be-space-garbage hurtling above, while people are starving here. 

Maybe its cause so many nations spend so much on “defense” that could be used to create a heaven-on-earth for all people. 

Maybe its cause kids in many schools are fed over-packaged food with minimal nutrition, and they throw most of it away. 

Maybe its cause kids with tons of energy are forced to sit still and listen to people who may or may not have anything worthwhile to say. 

Maybe its cause the most popular “singers” can’t even sing in tune and have to have a computer fix it for them. 

Maybe it’s cause even when we elect a smart caring president he becomes a pawn in the game of the financial elites, likely to be killed or blackmailed if they try to get at the roots of the problems.

Maybe it’s cause the American CEO makes 245 times the $ of the lowest-paid company employee, and I don’t think they’re using their obscene wealth to help anybody but themselves. 

Maybe its cause “pro-lifers” can cheer on the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents by US missiles in distant lands via TV special. 

Maybe its cause the few wild horses left are routinely “thinned” by helicopter roundup, as if they are more of a problem than the humans invading their land. 

Maybe its cause any new technology that would lead us in the direction of drastically reducing our footprint gets bought out and trashed by corporate assholes. 

Maybe its cause we pretend that selecting the right candidates can actually change things, when any worthwhile candidate has been blacklisted out of the race, or is viewed as “unwinnable” by the masses. 

Maybe its cause many “ecological” products are packaged in plastic, which negates any good they may have done.  

Maybe its cause the ultra-rich are buying up any farmland they can get, knowing that the world they are creating is leading to starvation in the future. 

Maybe its cause you need a permit to play acoustic music on the street, but you are free to belch pollution in the same streets. 

Maybe its cause I will be arrested if I  smash a car to bits when the car alarm is going off for no apparent reason. 

Maybe its cause someone thought beeping reverse sounds on trucks was a great idea, despite the fact that they wake me (and many others) up most days. 

Maybe its cause rich assholes are allowed to destroy a perfectly good house in order to erect their fucking mansion. 

Maybe its cause there are as many spots in empty houses as there are homeless people in this country, and yet we keep building more houses. 

Maybe its cause the modern home is a temple of toxicity and mass resource consumption, the effect felt mainly by poor people in distant lands. 

Maybe its cause the powers-that-be at my alma mater think expanding the golf course is more important than keeping the community garden in place. 

Maybe its cause many cities have declared it illegal to sleep in a vehicle, when these people are living a far more ecologically-sustainable life than the housed. 

Maybe its cause the “drug war” focuses on stopping the supply, rather than looking at why there is a demand, and which drugs are actually harmful.

Maybe its cause legal drugs lead mostly to mental, spiritual, and physical sickness and death, while any that can make us more aware are illegal. 

Maybe its cause I’m sitting inside writing this while the sun is shining …

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